Southgates and The Woottons Update

Thank you for bearing with us during these very difficult times for everyone.

As many of you will know, during the pandemic, the NHS has been experiencing unprecedented demand alongside working to vaccinate patients and dealing with periods of staff sickness and isolation. We are aware of the frustration this can cause when trying to contact us.

Our receptionists do a wonderful job under very difficult circumstances and it is very sad to hear that many of them have been receiving an increase in the abuse they are experiencing over recent weeks. As stated we can appreciate that it can be frustrating but abuse is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

We would like to assure patients that we have always been and will continue to offer face to face appointments for patients where clinically necessary. Due to the nature of the pandemic we have had to limit access to the practice in order to make the building Covid secure; a waiting room that could previously hold 15-20 patients can now only hold 6 if they are to socially distance properly which will continue to be necessary in our healthcare environment.

Our clinicians will continue to triage patient contacts and invite patients in to be seen face to face wherever necessary. We do have a duty of care to protect not only our staff but also patients, particularly those who may be more vulnerable to the consequences of catching Covid. This means that the decision to bring patients in is for the clinician to make, not the patient or the receptionist as it is based on clinical need.

Please use our website to contact us wherever possible, our receptionists can help over the telephone if you do not have internet access but there may be a wait for your call to be answered. We have increased our receptionist hours but are still struggling to deal with current demand.

For minor ailments our website can also be used to obtain self-help advice as can

We do hope you will bear with us during these ongoing difficulties and thank you for your continued support.